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Bogey Repair

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Golf course and golf ball

To all you golfers out there. If you come to Myrtle Beach, SC and you are looking to just play nine holes because you are in hurry or something. I would check out the Hummingbird course at Wild Wing Plantation. It is a course that is very seldom played by anyone and it offers some challenging shots. I play it when I want to practice for there is seldom anyone out there. So check it out if you are in town at it is only $35 two play the same nine holes twice.

I have been trying out golf balls for some time and I have tried them all from Titleist to Wilson. I stumbled onto a lost golf ball and played it for the rest of the holes I had left. I was amazed on the distance I was getting, the spin control on the green. I was playing the last year model of the B330S. I found the golf ball that I found to be better and the cover of this golf ball scuffed less. The golf ball I am talking about is the new Taylormade Penta TP3. I have found my golf ball and I have no reason to look any further. The best thing about this golf ball is that you get just about everything you want out of a golf ball for $10 less than the B330S. So if you are looking to pay less and get more distance and spin around the green I would check this golf ball out.

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Bogey Catcher

For all you golfers out there. I am looking for some opinions on merchandise that I am creating for my business. Here is the link Looking forward to your opinions.

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Windy day at world tour international

Nothing much going this week. took the school PAT and you thought I had never played this game before. Played at World Tour International and the greens have come a long way from a year ago. They are going to put mini-verde on the greens which will be nice. Monday was probably the windiest i have ever played in. You could not play the break on the green you had to play according to how the wind was blowing across the greens. The second hole on the green I marked my ball and when I went to place it back down it took me 5 tries to get the ball to stay in place and then had to hurry up and putt before the wind picked up again. Tuesday was not to bad but it was still windy and it was cooler. Which was not good for my lower back. I take the PGA PATs on the 25th of March cross our fingers and hope for the best. Well everyone take care and hit the ball straight and far.

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Match Play number 1

Played my first match today at Wicked Stick. I was cold and windy and wet. Driving range was closed so I did not get a chance to warm and loosen my muscles up. Us old people need that. Well it was not my best game but was able to pull out a win. I tried not to play as bad as my competitor. It seemed mostly a game of survival and try to make the least amount of mistakes. I have trying out the new I20 by ping and I do have to say I like the graphite project X shafts they have. Right I am trying to figure out a way to tell the wife I need them. I hope she does not read this. Well if anyone has a suggestion on how to tell the wife I need them please let me know. Tomorrow I will be playing Indian Wells. I really enjoy playing that course and I hope it is generous to me. I will let you guys know how played.

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Round two at Arrowhead.

Well Monday I played the match play qualifier at River Oaks and shot 77. So I felt good about Tuesday and playing Arrowhead. Well the first nine holes of Arrowhead I owned with 3 over. But it bit me back on the next nine and shot 8 over and a total score of 83. Well I am not finish with that course and I will beat it soon. I might have to make a sacrifice to the golf gods. I hope that works. Well will let you know how the match play tournament goes, right now I am the number one seed.

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Hope the golf game is back

Well had a great day on the golf course Tuesday. Played at Wicked Stick golf course and shot 77. It fell good to keep my mind off the game and have been hitting the driving range to work on my swing. Working hard in the gym on getting power and balance, which have been a big problem for me. My short game got some work and it showed on the course that day. I shot 3 over on the first 9 and I was 1 over going into the last hole thinking just 1 birdie and I could finish even par for nine holes. Just one more step to shooting even par for 18 holes. Guess what I got greedy and wound up putting the ball into the water. Made bogey on the hole and shot 2 over on the back nine. Cardio work out I am doing is showing some results in that I am not that tired after playing 18 holes. Next week I play is in the match play qualifier and then open play on Tuesday. We will see how tired I am after all that. I might do some cardio this weekend. Well will keep updating my progress on the road to shooting even par for 18 holes.

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