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Windy day at world tour international

Nothing much going this week. took the school PAT and you thought I had never played this game before. Played at World Tour International and the greens have come a long way from a year ago. They are going to put mini-verde on the greens which will be nice. Monday was probably the windiest i have ever played in. You could not play the break on the green you had to play according to how the wind was blowing across the greens. The second hole on the green I marked my ball and when I went to place it back down it took me 5 tries to get the ball to stay in place and then had to hurry up and putt before the wind picked up again. Tuesday was not to bad but it was still windy and it was cooler. Which was not good for my lower back. I take the PGA PATs on the 25th of March cross our fingers and hope for the best. Well everyone take care and hit the ball straight and far.

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